Salon Edjii – Website Design

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My good friend & amazing stylist Eric Moon whom I owe my sweet hair to opened up a really amazing salon in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania called SalonEdjii. When he told me this I was so excited, because I have a secret love for designing super clean modern websites. Him and I share a similar aesthetic so I knew this was going to be a really fun project. After researching many salon websites, I noticed a few things they were lacking…simplicity and organization. I wanted to make this design as user friendly as possible but still maintain a good visual. So here is a virtual toast to another amazing project Jason Wagner (whom did all of the coding) and I collaborated on.




Branding/Logo: Kate Ampersand
Website Design/Photo: Elena Jasic

Website Coding: Jason Wagner

Make Up: Eliza Davila

Hair: Eric Moon @ SalonEdjii

Model: Lauren Ward



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GLASSbook Magazine – November 2013

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Glassbook-0001 Glassbook-0002 Glassbook-0003 Glassbook-0004 Glassbook-0005 Glassbook-0006

Photography: Elena Jasic

Make up/Hair: Eliza Davila

Model: Echo NittoLitto

Publication: GLASSbook

LADYGUNN Magazine – October 2013

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Check out my new story Denim + Leather on


SYN Magazine – September 2013

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A story I shot for the FUTURE issue of SYN magazine.



Page3 Page4Photography: Elena Jasic

Paint: Zach Osif

Hair: Eric Moon

Model: Hattie Watson
Publication: SYN Magazine